Incredibles Porn Story: Teaching Violet

Incredibles Porn Story: Teaching Violet

Introduction: After several years of being a stay-at-home mom, Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) wants to fuck her husband. But when their daughter, Violet, walks in on them, will they let her join in the fun? The characters are Elastigirl, Mr. Incredible, Violet, and Dash. There is no gay sex, although there is some lesbian sex. Also some interesting sex scenes due to their “unique” abilities as superheroes. Feel free to leave comments and/or constructive criticisms. Thanks and enjoy :)


Bob Parr arrived home to find his beautiful wife, Helen, waiting with a radiant smile on her face that hadn’t changed in the sixteen years they’d been held together by the rings on their index fingers. He grinned back and waved, pulling the car slowly into the garage. He squeezed his six-foot frame out of the tiny sedan; gingerly swinging it closed as he kissed his wife. She extending her arms exponentially, wrapping them around him and giving them the appearance of a corkscrew.

“Honey,” he whispered, “the neighbors!” She withdrew her massive arms to a normal looking size, squeezing his cheek.

“I just miss you when you’re away at work,” she said, turning away. “Come on. You must be hungry.” He followed after her, shaking his head happily at her bright demeanor.

“What have we got to eat?” he asked. She was right, he was hungry.

“Not much, I’m afraid. I still have to run out to the grocery store and, what with Dash’s metabolism over 100 times normal, he empties out the cupboards just about every day.” She opened the cupboard and stepped aside, and Bob saw she was right: it was almost totally empty. The only thing left was a dusty old box of Bran Fibers. Ugh. But he was an adult now, and he couldn’t eat sugary cereal all the time anymore. His recent adventures against Syndrome had helped him lose a lot of weight, and he couldn’t bear the thought of working it all off again.

“That’s fine, sweetie,” he said, trying not to show any disappointment at making the mature, but boring, decision. She poured the cereal into two bowls, added milk, and set it down on the table. “When do we need to get the kids from school? I’m not usually home this early.”

“Oh, Bob, it’s only one o’clock. We’ve got the next two and a half hours to ourselves. Wanna…” She trailed off, as he was already loudly munching the Bran Fibers and hadn’t heard anything after “one o’ clock”. Dejected and a little sexually frustrated, she began to eat her own, much smaller bowl of cereal, bent slightly to accommodate the low table.

Outside, Lucius drove by the house, leaning on the horn. Startled, Bob twitched his spoon arm. It was enough to destroy his cereal bowl and tip the table 30 degrees, with him at the lower end. Almost as if in slow motion, he saw Helen’s hand stretch up and catch both cups of orange juice before they shattered on the ceiling.

“Good reflexes, honey! You’ve still…got…it…” He trailed off as he looked down and saw her. Her baseball t-shirt was soaked with milk. Her face portrayed surprise, but not anger…yet. Hell hath no fury, Bob thought to himself…

Suddenly, she burst out into laughter. Bob joined in, at first hesitantly, and then realizing the patently ridiculous situation they were in. After a while they stopped laughing and Helen stripped off her shirt. As she pulled it off her arms and her shirttail sprang free from her chest, her boobs bounced ever so slightly before her bra steadied their movement. Bob watched, trying not to look too eager in case she saw him as an opportunist.

She noticed that his eyes bugged out a little though, and let out a short giggle. “It doesn’t matter, Bob. It’s not like there’s anything new under there, and we’re both mature adults, right? Get a hold on your testosterone.” He apologized, shifting his pants to relieve the pressure of his decreased crotch room.

She started going on about the kids, who was going to pick them up, etcetera. Bob just kept nodding, sneaking in every glance at her ample tits he could get. Due to her unique abilities, her physique hadn’t changed since they’d been married.

“Bob…BOB!” He snapped back to reality. “Go grab some more milk out of the fridge.” He obliged her, standing up from the table. As he did this, his incredibly muscular, fully erect penis tipped the table. He turned quickly so she wouldn’t see, keeping his back to her. As he looked in the fridge, he turned ever so slightly to glance at the other side of the shelf. She noticed the bulge in his pants and smiled. He still wanted her after all these years. I have to get him into me, she thought. But how?

Bob, hunching over slightly to hide his still-massive erection, hobbled over to the table ad slid in, thinking she hadn’t seen. As he passed the milk, he stopped abruptly. He felt the sweet caress of a hand on his cock, even from all the way across the table. He looked up slowly. Helen had stretched her hand across the room to him. She licked her lips, sultry and ready. Bob pushed the table across the house. He grabbed his wife’s arm, using it as a rope to pull her back to him. He threw his arms around her, kissing her. He picked her up and carried her to the living room.

Setting her down on the couch, he slid her pants and panties down to knee height. He dug his face into her crotch, noting that she had shaved that very morning, apparently. His tongue, packed with muscle, almost completely filled her as he vibrated it with his incredible muscular control. She orgasmed, then, thirty seconds later, she came again. She pushed him away, hesitantly, but wanting to reward him. She pulled her pants off all the way, peeling her tiny red panties off her ankles. Bob shivered with happiness. It had been too long.

She drew in her breasts, sliding down through her bra and expanding her breasts once more, letting the bra drop to her finger. She spun it around and dropped it to the floor. Bob stared hungrily at her perfect tits. As he tried to mount her, she retracted her vagina, leaving Bob to hump uselessly at her pelvis several times. He looked up in fury.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

“Not just yet,” she answered with a smile. She gestured towards her boobs.

“If you suck on these babies first, I’ll give you a little extra treat.” He moaned, licking his lips half-heartedly and wrapping his mouth around her pert left nipple. As she cradled his head, his tongue rotated around her nipple, slowly increasing its speed until it became a tiny whirlwind of pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy, her legs kicking, much to Bob’s satisfaction.

When he looked down again, her vagina was still closed. “So where’s the surprise?” he asked, trying to remain positive but worried he would end up having sex alone tonight.

“Watch,” she said. She stood up from the couch, and Bob watched as her tits expanded and her pussy shrunk as she walked away, still facing him. She turned around, bending over and holding herself up on another couch across the room. Her ass expanded somewhat slowly, and then began to jiggle as she spanked herself. Bob stood up, fast walking across the room. He braced himself against her hip as she continued to spank herself. He grabbed his cock and slowly inserted all 9.7 inches of himself in. When he hit the wall, he felt her vagina expand more, and he eased himself in all the way.

She wept a single tear of joy as he slid in. She had been waiting so long, never masturbating as not to detract from the magic of this moment. She stopped spanking herself, and he began to slowly grind his thick penis in and out, barely leaving the tip in at the midpoint of his thrusts, and slamming it in at the end of each one.

He knew an orgasm was coming, so he withdrew his penis and began to rapidly finger her, hard. She screamed, letting her head drop and her body convulse slightly as the orgasm came.

“Oh, Bob, I love you so much,” she said as she turned around, rubbing her pussy. She pushed him onto the couch and she wrapped her small, wet mouth around his cock. She began to lick around the tip. He closed his eyes and moaned in sheer enjoyment. Her mouth began to slowly engulf his cock. Making sure his eyes were closed so as not to repulse him, she extended her neck, taking all of his cock in the only deep-throat that would work for him. Her right hand stroked the exposed half-inch of penis outside her mouth, and her left popped his balls into her mouth. Inside her mouth, her tongue extended and wrapped itself, snakelike, around his cock. She then pulled it back to normal length slowly, so the tip of her tongue made its way around his cock lazily.

Suddenly, he grabbed the sides of her head and stood up. He began to fuck into her mouth and throat. Her tongue flicked at his cock as fast as it could. He cried out as he rapidly (and violently) fucked away at her for three seconds before leaving it all the way in and ejaculating a jet of cum. Her mouth worked overtime to swallow it all. She then pulled away, wiped her lips, and dropped her neck back to normal size.

He opened his eyes, gasping and collapsing back onto the couch. “That…was…amazing…” he gasped, throwing his head back. His penis drooped, exhausted. She blew air on it and it popped back to life. She mounted him, proud of herself for her show of sex mastery. He felt her hot thighs, rushing with blood, climb across him as he prepared for another session. He didn’t plan on ending this anytime soon.


Violet walked into the kitchen, upset. Her parents never forgot to pick her up from school. She knew there must be some logical reason. She continued into the house, throwing down her backpack next to the table and noting the milk spill all over, as well as her mother’s discarded shirt. She walked into the living room cautiously. Did someone break into our house, she thought.

As she walked through the doorway into the living room, she smelled sweat and salt. She turned invisible, not wanting to be detected if her mother was being/had been raped. She stopped herself before entering, stripping off all her clothes and underwear so she wouldn’t be spotted. She entered the living room. What she saw shocked and excited her in ways she didn’t understand.

Her mother was bent over the couch, her feet on the floor and her arms hanging freely from the back. Her father shoved his penis in and slid it out, over and over, sweating with concentration. Her mother began to scream, increasing in volume with each new cry. Suddenly, she cried out, and her dad shoved his penis into her vagina hard, left it there, grunted, and pulled out. He sat down on the couch, and she sat on his lap like an over muscled Santa and a mature child, kissing him deeply and slowly stroking his cock.

By now, Violet was terrified of being caught. To an undersexed sixteen-year-old girl, all of this was a complete revelation. In the four or five times she had had rushed, amateur sex with Brad, they had only ever had missionary, not knowing that any other kind of sex “worked”. She became suddenly aware of something wet on her leg. Looking down, she saw a stream of cum was making its way towards the floor. Panicked knowing it was visible (having left her body), she tiptoed into the kitchen and wiped it off with her discarded sweater. As she looked down, she saw that her nipples were erect and hard as rocks. She rubbed them, but it did nothing to relieve the pressure. She was horny, and she knew it. She crept back in to keep watching.

While she had been gone, her mother’s gift to her father had gone from soft and flirtatious to hard and intense. He moaned and leaned his head back. As she continued to jack him off, she used her unique powers to extend her spine and thrust her pelvis forward several feet, riding his cock while jacking it off. He opened his eyes, delighted at the dual pleasure of her hand and vagina. She smiled at him, their eyes met, and his lit up as he realized she was about to do something she hadn’t for years. While her hand and vagina worked like pistons, her neck stretched and she began to lick his balls. He cried out, grabbing her tits and squeezing with all his might. His legs kicked involuntarily, unable to hold it in. As she finished, he looked exhausted, as if they had been at this for hours. She returned her body to its normal proportions.

“That’s the best thing you’ve done all afternoon,” gasped Bob. His penis was fully flaccid, unable to sustain itself for another hour. He noticed that the couch legs had all broken off and its metal frame had been bent substantially from his explosive orgasms and vicious fucking. She collapsed into his arms, neither one stimulating the other for the first time in hours. “Wait a second,” Bob groaned, “All afternoon. We forgot about the kids.”

Helen looked up at him, then the clock, then him again, her smile disappearing. She stood up and ran towards the kitchen to dress. On the way, she bumped into a distinct human shape. She caught her balance, but she heard a thud on the floor. Before her appeared a fully naked Violet, looking up at her in terror.

After a long pause, the only thing Helen could think to say was, “Where is Dash?”

“He-he-he’s at s-soccer,” Violet stuttered, not meeting her mother’s gaze. “’Til five.”

Helen looked slightly less stern as she realized that not only were the kids safe and where they needed to be, but she and her husband had just had horny, deviant sex in front of their daughter. She glanced back at Bob, who was unfathomable.

“M-Mom?” Violet started.

“Yes, sweetie?” Helen asked, covering herself with one extended arm and sending another long flat arm across the room for Bob to do the same. She rolled her eyes as the contact of her hand caused his penis to jerk slightly. “What is it?”

“Can you…I mean…Brad and I have…can you teach me…um…that is, um…” Violet trailed off, covering her vagina and doing her best to hide her blossoming tits.


“Y-yes Mom?”

“Have you and Brad been having sex?” It was hard for Violet to read her expression, but she didn’t seem stern, so Violet nodded yes.

“Okay. How many times?”

“Um…four. Maybe…maybe five.”

“How many positions do you know?” Her mother seemed more interested in ensuring she was having fun sex than safe sex.

“Only one before, um, before that last fifteen minutes.” Helen seemed to think that was funny.

“Well, no daughter of mine is going to disappoint her boyfriend in bed. Back in my day, I was a sexual tiger. Hell, I’ve still got it.” She retracted her arms, and Bob made no attempt to cover himself back up.

“Ever had sex with a girl?” Helen asked.

“Um…n-no.” Violet admitted. “I thought only l-l-lesbians did that.”

“Well, that’s just a myth. Sucking the occasional cunt just helps out in an orgy. Less work for the boys, you know?” Violet nodded, but Helen knew she had always been more of a visual learner. She walked back to the couch, sitting down next to Bob. His penis perked up as Violet rose to her feet, walking slowly towards them, apprehensively. After all, they were her parents.

“Now sit down on your father’s cock and we’ll get started. I could walk you through all of this,” Helen stopped talking for a second as she directed Bob’s huge cock into Violet’s pussy. “…but I’d rather let you learn at your own pace.” Only about seven inches fit in, and Violet had to hold herself up with her arms and legs, lest she get her birth canal fucked. Helen stood behind the couch, holding Violet’s hips. She lifted Violet up and set her down, over and over. Finally, she released her daughter’s body, and Violet apprehensively, shyly, began to ride her father’s penis.

Bob moaned. He didn’t want to say it front of Helen, but even with her pussy tightened more than normal, it was no match for the tiny tunnel of pleasure that was Violet’s vagina. Violet slowly started to bounce harder and increased in speed. She was totally silent, her building climax eclipsed by her perceived awkwardness and lack of skill. Bob grabbed hold of her hips as Helen watched proudly, and he began to bounce her faster, leaning into each stride with a slight thrust of his own. Helen climbed over the couch, squatting next to her husband and only daughter. She began slowly making tiny circles around Violet’s tits with her tongue, gaining speed. Violet’s eyes closed as she slipped into the moment, forgetting the act of incest and feeling only overwhelming stimulation and pleasure. She came quietly, barely releasing a drop of cum and muttering “oh God” over and over until it subsided. She waited patiently for her father’s orgasm, but he grunted and stopped fucking into her.

“Aren’t you going to orgasm too?” she asked her father, trying to catch her breath.

“I did.”

“But where was all the…the…goo?”

“The semen. ‘Cum’,” her mother corrected her.

“I’ve been orgasming all afternoon with your mother,” he explained. “It takes a lot to get me off after almost three hours.” He smiled gently and stroked his daughter’s chest. “You do take after your mother, don’t you?” Violet said nothing, but smiled to herself.


Over the next few minutes, her mother demonstrated a few positions that please only the man. “We’re going to try a few of those, okay?” Violet nodded, worried. Some of them had looked painful, and she didn’t know what to expect. Her mother smiled.

“See, here’s a perfect example,” Helen continued. “Your father’s penis is soft right now. You’re going to make it hard using the positions I just taught you. Okay?” Violet nodded yes.

Helen blindfolded Bob so that the two sets of ample T & A in the room wouldn’t get him hard. She descended on his cock, licking the head slowly. She began to move her mouth as far up and down his shaft as his cock size would allow. She smiled up at him, as instructed when his dick jumped to life, before realizing his blindfold had made that move useless. She continued to work away at his cock until a tiny dot of cum entered her mouth and Bob began to fuck hard but carefully at her mouth. She choked and pulled away, and he finished his orgasm by masturbating. He fell back onto the couch.

“Are you okay sweetie?” Helen asked.

“Better,” Bob responded.

“I was asking our daughter,” Helen responded haughtily.

“I n-knew it would hurt.” Violet whispered.

“Your father just got a little carried away, that’s all. Do you want to try another one? I promise it won’t hurt.” Violet hesitated, remembered Brad’s birthday was coming up, and nodded rapidly.

Helen, using an old strategy of hers, wrapped her arms around the still-blindfolded Bob and squeezed mightily at his neck. Fighting the instinct to kill her distracted Bob from his many recent orgasms and his penis fell to flaccidity. Helen retracted her arms and made a hand job gesture. Violet approached him and began to jerk him off as hard and fast as possible. Her mother walked behind her, and Violet felt something crawl into her vagina. She screamed and looked behind her. It was her mother, extending her tongue to fill the entire vagina. Violet, beginning to feel an orgasm building, returned to jerking off her father. When Helen saw Bob’s feet stomp slightly, she began to lap rapidly at Violet’s vagina. Violet released Bob’s penis, which was falling back down between pumps of blood.

This time, Violet screamed and bucked with wild abandon. She cried out for her mother, reaching down to rub her own nipples as she had seen her mother do once, after breastfeeding Jack-Jack. Finally, she lay down on her mother. Her head spun as her mother held her in her arms. She felt so fulfilled. Brad was never this good.

“So…” Her mother slid out from under her, smiling at her coyly. “Ready to take it to the next level?”

Violet looked at her hungrily. She did not stutter when she said “Absolutely.”

Her mom stood up and walked to the phone. She called Dash and told him to come home from soccer practice, and fast. Fourteen seconds later, the doorbell rang. Helen’s arm stretched over and opened the door. Dash stood, not showing any signs of fatigue. He had an erection before he even saw his father and sister naked across the room.

“Why’d you invite them?” he said as he continued in, stripping and creating a five second tornado of discarded clothing.

“What does he mean, invite them?” asked Bob.

Helen turned to him and explained that she had been using Dash for sex everyday for almost a month. Bob hardly looked surprised.

“So that’s why it takes you so long to tuck him in,” Bob and Violet said in unison. Dash looked almost hilarious, standing two feet shorter than his mother and climbing up her body to suck on her tit. He grinned as he pulled away slightly to slurp a current of milk. She held him like a giant horny baby before setting him down.

“So here’s how we’re going to do it,” said Helen, “Violet, I hope you’re ready.”


Bob stood on the floor. Helen turned her back to him and bent over. He squeezed his cock all the way into her vagina, as she supported herself by extending her arms to the floor in order to create a perfect 90-degree angle to his body. Her breasts and ass expanded yet again, so that she had to look between her firm hanging tits to see Bob’s legs. Bob knew from his past experiences with her that they were now triple- or quadruple-D size, but right now he was focused on her massive ass. It looked like two huge, fleshy bowling balls, glistening with cum, spit, and sweat. Violet hung upside down by her legs from her mother’s head, her back facing Bob. She wrapped her legs securely around Helen’s neck. This kept her pussy tight to Helen’s mouth, as well as leaving Violet’s upper back, head, and arms on the floor. Finally, Dash got down on his hands and knees and placed his 5-inch cock in Violet’s mouth.

They began. Bob spanked his wife’s ass and fucked her harder than he ever had before. Helen moaned and extended her tongue all the way into Violet’s pussy, then lapped as quickly as she could manage at Violet’s G-spot. Violet cried out, but the angry thrust from Dash’s cock into the back of her mouth reminded her of her own role in this. With one hand, she began to jerk Dash’s cock. He thrust into these about 100 times for every one of her strokes, and he came multiple times before she was even ready. Cum poured onto her tits, and she enjoyed watching as the wind from Dash’s insanely fast fucking blew the steam away and cooled the cum off. She placed his cock in her mouth and began to rub his balls gently as he came twice more. She noticed the amounts of semen pouring out every four seconds were decreasing. This was good, because she was barely swallowing his current output, and any more might drown her for all she knew.

Helen’s tongue continued to work away at Violet’s vagina as it tightened. She enjoyed the taste of pussy so much; it had turned her bisexual back in her hero days. Bob cried out, a mighty roar, as he fucked Helen so hard and fast the entire orgy train slid across the floor. Violet managed to keep her legs hooked on to Helen’s neck. Violet released the hand that was currently jerking the exposed half-inch of Dash’s cock off, allowing him to push in even further. With her free right hand, she pushed one of her nipples into her mouth. At first, Dash complained, but he then insisted she move her other tit in as well. As Helen orgasmed, she screamed the sexiest scream the other three had ever heard, leading to an increase Violet and Dash’s speed and ferocity. She made sure she stayed in a bridge position so as not to interrupt Violet. As she climbed off Bob’s cock, she reached up with one hand and grabbed Violet’s ass, followed by the other hand. As she continued to blow Violet, Helen worked one hand in and out of her daughter’s ass.

Violet felt this, enjoying the sensation of all her body’s sexual organs being in overdrive at once. As Dash continued to hump at a rate of 250 km/h, orgasming every nine seconds now, Violet gripped his ass tight. Her pussy tightened so much that Helen had to decrease her tongue size, because there was simply no room. So many feelings came at Violet at once.

The stroking of a tongue against her G-spot.

The sight of Dash’s beautiful, young, hairless ass.

The finger sliding lazily in and out her ass.

Her father’s raging erection despite his obvious fatigue as he watched.

Her mother’s huge T & A (Violet questioned whether or not she, herself, was bisexual like her mother).

Dash’s mix of moaning and dirty talk.

The stimulation of a piston-like penis and her own tongue rubbing on her nipples.

Time seemed to stand still as Violet kicked her legs. Dash stopped momentarily and pulled Violet’s tits out of her own mouth. His tongue vibrated on her wet nipples faster than she had ever imagined possible. Violet screamed and pushed her mother and brother’s heads down as hard as she could. Her invisibility flickered rapidly between visible, translucent, and transparent as she lost control of her body. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She screamed again, louder. Impulsively, she pulled her brother to her and kissed him, biting his tongue. He tried to pull away before realizing he was enjoying the sensation.

After forty long seconds, the convulsions ceased and Violet collapsed, sweating, cumming, and gasping. Helen, Dash, and Bob began to dress. Violet tried to speak, but words could not sum up that experience. As she fell asleep, her mother gathered her up in her arms and carried her to bed. As Helen walked off, commenting on the redness of Dash’s cock and looking for the mop to clean up the mess of bodily fluids that covered the entire living room.

Violet opened one eye as her father poked his head in the door.

“Until next time,” he said softly.

The End.

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Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s Love, Part 4

Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s Love, Part 4

Mistress Violet put her whip down beside the bed. “Look at you, bitch,” She said to Helen. “Cuffed up, half naked and gagging for it. Are you enjoying it?” Helen Nodded. “Yes, Mistress Violet.” This seemed to please Violet. She ran her leather gloved hand up and down her mother’s stomach. It felt sensual to them both. Violet got onto the bed and sat on top of Helen. “What a shame I can’t see those pretty titties,” Said Violet, Reaching for Helen’s bra. “Let’s get them out!” as she ripped it off. Violet gazed at her mom’s large boobs. They were unlike anything she had ever seen before. Her nipples were a quarter of an inch long and rock hard, and her tits were perfectly formed. Now that she was naked, she was the embodiment of lust. Violet couldn’t resist. She leaned up and took her mom’s right nipple into her mouth. She gently sucked it, licked it, and bit it. Helen and Violet moaned in pleasure together.
Violet then did the same to Helen’s left nipple. She pulled away, her mouth watering. She decided to go back to her dominant attitude. She slapped Helen’s tits until they were sore and red. Helen was screaming in sexual ecstasy. Violet almost couldn’t believe that she was bringing her mother pleasure. She reached into her panties and slipped a finger into her wet snatch, then another. She finger-fucked herself Almost to the point of orgasm, but then remembered she had a willing slave underneath her.
Violet pulled her bra and panties off. Helen’s freshly shaved pussy looked incredibly sexy and sensitive. Helen watched her daughter’s sexy tits bounce as she got off the bed and grabbed a double-headed dildo. “I’ve never used one of these before,” admitted Mistress Violet. “But it looks fun. So how about we get down to the dirty business?”
Helen answered her. “Yes, Mistress Violet. I know them very well.” Violet grinned. “Well then,” she said. “I expect you to do well. Anything less than a great performance and you will be punished.” Violet first pushed the toy into her mother’s tight snatch. It fit well, so she shoved it in and out several times. Helen groaned once again in joy. Violet decided for the first time to take her mother’s huge dildo in her pussy. She slid herself onto the other end. She screamed in ecstasy. She had never had something so big inside her. This made her forget all of those times she had bad sex with her boyfriend.
Helen spoke up. “And now it’s time to fuck….”
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Sexy doll Helen look amazing hot

Incredibles Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Sexy doll Helen look amazing hot
We have a flood of crazy and nasty Incredibles for you inside from restrictive bondage to pussy and ass creampies, asses stretched by double penetration, orgies and more! Flirty babe Helen wearing cum fuck me clothes lovingly sucks on a swollen rod, gets fucked hard and eats sticky jizz from her face after ejaculation! Sex edition of Incredibles is for you to enjoy fuck scenes updates from the sex lifestyles of celebrated personages.

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Busty Violet shows her pretty body

Incredibles Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Busty Violet shows her pretty body
Glance at how straight-out Incredibles tooshes got plated in shiners, eyewater, love butter and are roped in any possible way of nasty sex acts! Naughty babe from Incredibles is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of all her previous experience. Violet gets humped in her anal starfish and cootchie till she leaks sperm out of her two well-stretched holes…

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Incredibles Porn Story: The house visit

Incredibles Porn Story: The house visit

Violet just getting home from school, violet opened the door to her house. It was all dark inside when she heard a voice say “So finally shes home.” Violet looked as Mirage turned on a lamp, showing her nude, very sexy body. “What are you doing here?” Violet said, glancing over Mirage’s body wondering about the things they could do together. “Im here for you, your mom told me how bad you were at pleasing other women, so i’m here to help.” Mirage said, moving close enough to start taking off violet’s shirt. “I… I don’t th….” Violet tried to say but was distracted by mirage’s tounge in the back of her throat. “Mmmh” She said in pleasure as mirage slipped 2 fingers into her wet pussy. She returned the favor. Violet and Mirage fingered each other furiouslly until the made each other come. “Now you know how to please a girl, no?” Mirage said pulling her fingers out. “Yes, very much so.” Violet said, taking Mirage’s hand and sucking her own cum off it.

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Helen aka Elastigirl gets ravaged right in her awesome culo!

Incredibles Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Helen aka Elastigirl gets ravaged right in her awesome culo!
Lewd Helen wearing a wig, panties and pantyhose is stretched to her limits by a big cock and cleans up a mess of sticky sperm! Incredibles characters are here anew to present you too many new fuck pics that will make your poker hard as a rock! Let’s follow the example of a bitch from Incredibles who is getting her cunt hammered right on the curb after trying on some clothes in a shop just the other moment!

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Enourmous cock of Hulk destroys insudes of

The Incredibles Elastigirl Hentai

Hentai Picture: Enourmous cock of Hulk destroys insudes of
Be prepared to reveal the dirtiest secrets of the heroes that’ve always been there, turning into walking fucks in the hottest sex episodes… Helen is brimming with anxiety to be screwed in her snatch and anal slit and when it finally happens she cums hard… Watch your back as this Incredibles stuff offers more surprises than you could have ever expected it to be: well-hung dudes pump firm pussies here…

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Sexy doll Mirage posing fully bare

The Incredibles Hentai

Hentai Picture: Sexy doll Mirage posing fully bare
Give with the eye at the amatory gizmo Mirage getting swung with her signalled non-rigid breasts spattered with Cupid’s toothpaste and her narrow pussy being elongated and mugged and lot of. Get a sneak peak of the sex pastimes released for you by Incredibles… Let’s follow the lead of a gal from Incredibles who is having her pussy filled on the roadside after trying on some clothes in a shop a few seconds away!

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Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s love – Part 1

Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s love – Part 1

Violet was sitting in her room when her mother Helen called her down to the living room.

“Sit down, Vi, Your father and brothers have gone out for an hour and I want to talk.” Violet was worried.
“I’m not in trouble, am I mom?”
“Trouble?” Helen burst out laughing. “Hell no. After you went out last night, Your “Boyfriend” Joesph came around shouting.” Violet was at ease. “Ha! Joesph’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

“I know,” Began Helen. “That was one of the things he was shouting. “What are these texts about, Vi? You’re tired of boys?” Ha!” Violet was nervous again. She didn’t want her mother knowing about how she wanted to experiment.

“So I got curious,” She went on. “I had a look at your internet history.”

Violet was seriously worried now.

“Relax, Vi. You’re shaking. I just want to…… talk. When I was your age I was very curious. But I never got to. I met your father and fell in love. I forgot my fantasies.” Violet was startled. Was her mother talking to her about sex?
“I’ve never made love to another woman.” She said.

Violet was still nervous. “What did you find in my internet history mom?” “Shh, Violet. We’ll get to that in a minute.”
Violet felt a shiver up her spine. Her mother was talking to her about lesbian sex……… It felt so wrong, but if Helen knew what violet wanted……. It would be a very good evening indeed.

“And you know Vi, you always seemed so beautiful. more so now than ever. I always thought your boyfriends were assholes. Trust me, I know what sex at your age is like. You’re only 17. Those boys can’t satisfy you. Am I right?

Violet nodded. She was surprised. She didn’t know her mother was into sex at her age. Helen was wearing a dressing gown. “Please, mom.” Said Violet. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable witth seeing you naked. No offense.”

“See me naked?” Helen was laughing. “Oh no. You won’t see me naked. Not yet.” Helen’s voice was seductive, crawling up violet’s skin and putting filthy thoughts into her head. “I know what you want, Vi.” Continued her mother. “And I can give it to you……”

With this, Vi forgot that Helen was her mother. Helen stood up out of her leather armchair and removed her dressing gown.

What Violet saw was her mother’s fit figure, skinny and lightly tanned. Not naked, but better. Her mother was wearing a pair of yellow leather high heels. A pink satin bra. And matching panties. She couldn’t believe it. “Awahwaha….” Was the only noise that escaped her gaping mouth.

“Do you like it? I thought it was a bit…. well, cheap. I have a massive collection of lingerie upstairs. Anytime you want to see….. Cat got your tongue? Aww! I’m flattered! I didn’t think you would be that impressed. I saw your history…… Bra Fetish, panty love, lingerie world….. I tell you Vi, before long, we’re going to have to get you your first leather bikini. Would you like that?

Violet had gotten over her shyness and now had a look on her face that showed her for the wild sex tiger she was. “Trust me mom. I’m just dreaming right now about how I could lick…… how I could caress your bra. How I would worship your Killer high heels, How I would suck them, and lick them clean, even if you walked through shit.”

“Ooooh! listen to you, talking so dirty, like the naughty little bitch you are! I’m going to punish you! Let’s go to my collection…..”


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