Bonus Book Summer 2010

Here you will find few sketches and few bonus pages which will allow you to take a look at Rei Ayanami from a completely new side: this time she won’t be shy and skinny gal from “Neon Genesis Evangelion” – this tme she will turn into extra curvy slut who simply can’t say ‘no’ to any big hard cock (and since she looks like that it should be obvious that she is having boners around her all the time)!

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Ushiwakamaru Will Do Her Best to Relieve Master’s Frustrated Cock

When hot and fit chick is showing her fighting moves being dressed in sexy bikini swimsuti it can end up only in one way – her boyrfriend is going to get hard and he will fuck her again and again no matter what exactly round they are having today in a row! And yes, beautiful Ushiwakamaru from popular “Ftae Stay Night” universe knows it all from her own personal experience!

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[Comics Toons] Danny Phantom

There are moments when having special powers is not just beneficial but extremely enjoyable… and figuring out that sexy milf Maddie Fenton is getting fucked in the next room is definitely one of those moments! Without wasting any time Danny transforms into a ghostand enters Maddie’s bedroom. It’s possible that he will be able to provide more than an entertaining show, but who is to say?

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[Hermit Moth] Sams Seance (Danny Phantom)

So in this comic, you will be able to watch as Danny takes a girl’s bust, bringing her to orgasm. How the girl ended up sleeping with Danny remains a mystery. Then, Denny is a royal blowjob. Denny now licks Denny’s massive dick up. Danny is awed and begins to smack the girl on her huge watermelons. Danny then fucks the beautiful and brings her to a vaginal Orgasm. Enjoy.

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Ben Ten Ultimate Alien: Family Bonding

Gwen probably shouldn’t have initiated this fight, because she will lose it and will be forced to pay the price. What is the secret? You’ll be able to think of some suggestions once you realize that your adversary is a hot-looking, dominant lesbian sex fan who is able to create toys out of sheer energy. This will be a gruelling but thrilling battle.

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Big Gwen

In this short hentai-themed parody comics you are going to discover new aspects of the familair character Gwen Tennyson from cartoon series “Ben 10: Alien Force”: this teen redhead will turn into the owner of big and sexy bods, but also a quite skillful seducer who knows for sure who is the most cocky in this trip… and it’s not her cousin Ben we are talking about!

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Avatar – Between the scenes

Katara was asleep with her twin brother Sokka and they had a sex session early in the morning. Katara, naked, lay down on a big pimple. She began jumping onto it and moaning. Sokka took the initiative to piss and knelt right on top of Katara, so that he could kiss her lips. Then Sokka placed Katara in cancerand fucked her up in her pussy and then finished with her chest. Enjoy comics.

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Teach me how to Ground Pound

Topf and Aang met in a cave. Topf has different plans however, and they decide to try Earth Magic. She dresses up during the training and seduces Aang. Topf began sucking on Aang’s fat ball and massaging his thighs. But Aang didn’t finish. He just wanted to fuck Topf. Aang said he wanted to do it again and repeatedly. He then fucked her into the pussy. Topf groaned as Topf lay on her stomach. Aang had fucked her cunt. Now you can read the comic.

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[Emboquo] 21s Experiment (Dragon Ball Z)

Like any antagonist character in any adventurous story Android 21 from “Dragon Ball” universe is very and very narcissistic. Actually she is so narcissistic that she can’t decide which one of her two forms – the usual one or transformed – is better looking and more fuckable! But she is also very smart so she knows that only a proper scientific experiment can give the answer…

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[Yamamoto] Punishment in Pilafs Castle uncensored

Bulma and her friends enter Pilaf’s castle to retrieve the “dragon balls”… and they all get into a trap on the very first page! And this is only the beginning of Pilaf’s plan which is just as smart as it is evil because it will let him not only to destroy this heroic team’s spirit but also will help to reveal some of his kinky fantasies! Well, his own and his loyal female minion Mai too.

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